About us

Our Giftpay is a professional team of recycling gift cards. Our team combines the most scientific transaction methods very professionally to create a price and the best gift card transaction platform. We will try to meet all your needs.


The sole purpose of creating Gingngpay is to create one: our easiest-to-use safe trading platform, and one of the safest trading platforms in Africa, to build a Google trading experience for all customers in need, not for high profits, only for Africa's development.


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Sell Amazon Gift Cards

SELL YOUR AMAZON GIFT CARDS IN NIGERIA If you have an Amazon Gift Card and are confused about what to do with it, don’t worry anymore. You don’t need to buy just any product from Amazon, rather you can just exchange it for cash by selling it in Nigeria for some cash. Our company provides the best deals.


Sell ITunes Gift Cards

Sell your iTunes gift cards for cash instantly. Euro, Canadian and Pounds cards are accepted likewise ecodes and big denominations.


Sell Steam Wallet Gift Cards

Sell Steam Wallet gift cards for Naira at the best rates.


Sell Various Gift Cards

Sell various cards like Walmart, Best-Buy, Nordstrom, Sephora, Ebay, Visa gift cards for Naira today at best rates.