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About GiftNgPay

You might want to know us, right?grundge

GIFTNGPAY is a registered gift card trading company, established in 2017, which is committed to providing world-class trading experience for people in Nigeria and Ghana. Integrity, dedication and outstanding values have always been the pillars of our company's practices and policies.


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Create Account

Create an account with your valid details and add your bank account/mobile currency.

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Begin Trade

Just click on the sales gift card on the home page, select the gift card you want and upload it to start the transaction.

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Wait for Confirmation

It usually takes less than 5 minutes to wait for your transaction to be processed. Once your card is redeemed, your wallet will be credited immediately.

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Withdraw Funds

You can withdraw funds at any time without any trouble. Is it easy? Register now and start trading like a boss 😎


Gift Cards We Purchased

iTunes, Steam,Google, Visa,bookmark icon

iTunes, Steam,
Google, Visa

Walmart, Nike, Amex, Offgamers,bookmark icon

Walmart, Nike,
Amex, Offgamers

Apple Store, Macy, Vanilla, Target,bookmark icon

Apple Store, Macy,
Vanilla, Target

Amazon, Sephora,Nordstrom, Nike,bookmark icon

Amazon, Sephora,
Nordstrom, Nike

eBay, Best-Buy,Home Depot,bookmark icon

eBay, Best-Buy,
Home Depot

Why should I trust you?

There are many scams. Do you want to know why we should be trusted?


Established for 3 years

We have been doing business for 3 years and have kept a good record. We uphold integrity and excellent customer satisfaction. In addition, as our business grows over time, we can gain more from legitimacy.


Security Transactions

The transaction with us is completely safe. Your gift cards are safe because we exchange them directly. We don't have it. Do not send cards to third parties.


24/7 Availability

Yes, we can trade your gift card every minute of the day. This is the truth!


World class customer experience

Yes, we are available every single minute of the day to trade your gift cards. This is a fact!


Customer comments

Yes, we can trade your gift card every minute of the day. This is the truth!


102% satisfaction

Yes, we can trade your gift card every minute of the day. This is the truth!

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